AON  started back in 1995, though I tried doing something as early as 1991 with my first compilation tape “The Bulgarian Invasion”. It looked very  funny, I used a funny picture of the cult Soviet magazine “Crocodile”  for the cover and dubbed them on  a double cassette player. It  was really childish, but it sold  a few copies as  people were hungry for this exotic Balkan sound. Then I decided to make a fanzine, called ART OF NOISE. It failed, as  the other person ( a girl I was  madly in love with) resigned and the project was aborted.  Then I became a student and  when I decided to start it all again  it was 1995. A  crazy year,  and I  was  feeling the necessity  of doing something different . And I started again with the tape of Zlatko.He was a guy I met in the pubs of Plovdiv, a mad  fan of Pink Floyd  and  King Crimson. His solo project  was some weird psychedelic rock and I co-released it with  another Plovdiv  based label B.B.C. . We made hundreds of flyers, sold 2-3 copes, traded much more and it is how it started again. I  abbreviated  Art of Noise into AON, as I was getting hundreds of mails from people that thought I was doing a noise label. And I considered AON to be something more obscure.And after the first attempt with Zlatko,  the Kokosha Glava ( ) tape followed. By some chance in a pub in Plovdiv I met Petko, a guy from  a punk band that started in 1988 in a small town near the border and they were looking for somebody to release a tape by them. It is how I got to release AON 002, their “89-95” discography.It got very positive reviews in magazines like Flipside, MRR and hundreds of other smaller publications. Then I did “Bulsa Breakout” that was a compilation with Bulgarian and South African bands – a true hard core classic for some exotic scenes. And it again spread well, I didn’t sell that many copies, but it got very nice reviews and people liked it. And then, more and more releases followed of wild and various nature. American psychedelic rock, Finnish punk, Swedish  1984 hard core, Italian No Wave ,Turkish 60s beat, Brazilian Hardcore, industrial, furious grindcore …they were all covered. Wow, those were crazy days…a wild ride every day…what’s new at the post office, let’s send some more tapes to this guy in USA , let’s get a review printed in Germany, what has happened to that parcel from Thailand that never arrived…oh, that Czech guy ripped me, let’s buy a pack of coffee for the lady at the post office ( that  never noticed I put glue over my stamps and I reused them several times)...then back home from work, I was packing things, fulfilling orders and trades, then again…the next day. It was a great time , I felt excited and happy. I was doing something useful and I  never noticed the outside world, the queues in front of the shops, the political meetings, I had my thing and it was what I cared about. At the same time, hey, I had a fulltime job already. I started working like a teacher, and it was a true pain in the ass.Gray buildings, no heating, students with no interest in anything and a payment close to nothing – 10-15$ monthly.But I had my thing and I kept it going!!! It helped me to pass through so many difficult periods.Then we decided to do something more interesting and  as a result of this came the CD of CONFRONT – AON 15 ½ !Limited to 200 only, the first Bulgarian underground  punk cd – classic anarchist oi punk. And then the first ever  Bulgarian punk 7’’ was released. It was a bootleg, quite similar to the Killed By Death collections, only it contained rare and unheard bands from Bulgaria – Review, New Generation, UZZU, D.D.T.  and Control. Wow!! Things really started moving for us!Then more stuff followed..cds by DDT, then more cds by bands like Mute Lakes (industrial/experimental music) , 2 tapes by the legendary USA band the Hated Principles- fast and furious hard core , the great and very rare now (100 only  copies do exist ) LP “Psychedelic Trip Through Bulgaria”-a mighty 60s exploration of rare BG beat!

Now my Biarba CD is ready, an attempt to cover "territories" that i have never crossed before. And next is the Novi Cvetya CD, the historically important punks that made it back in 1979!

As a whole, I am doing my best to release nice music and present it to the world.

I hardly make any money out of it and sometimes it does get really hard. But it is not really important, as i like the fun of doing it.Let me tell you a bit about me. I am already  30 years old and I still work like a teacher of English in my home town..A bachelor with a strong passion for adventure, reading , writing stories, listening to good music , releasing such  on my label.I like traveling , drinking strong black tea and share interest in anything obscure and weird.


And my address is : AON distro

                              Stara Zagora 6010

                              Kv”Kazanski” 16-G-115

                              Ivailo Tonchev Tonchev




                              ICQ: 72840681


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