Gorgon  - The site of a great gothic/industrial label/shop in Sofia.

Troskot And SkaLP Rcds– Two labels from my home town Stara Zagora, punk/hc….

United and Strong– E-zine, one of the few HC labels in Bulgaria and loads of information, forums, IRC chat and whatever you can think of!

Filthear – Belgian  DIY label/distribution

IronSpider – DIY T-shirts/Web Design





Biarba  -  The site of Biarba – one of the most interesting contemporary acts in Bulgaria.

Indignity  - home of one of the oldest HC bands in Bulgaria

Napalmed- industrial/noise band from Czech republic(distribution/label too)



HC Spirit– E-zine, quickly growing quite strong!

The Other Side – metal(and not only!) magazine from Bulgaria, a distribution and a label too! – a web magazine, mostly specialized in “stoner” rock, but open minded to anything good!