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Biarba started in 1998, when Hristo Boyadzhiev decided that his former projects (Goat Perversion /black metal/ and Good Food/ hc, noise, industrial/) were a bit too “limited” for his new interests and he and Juliana (ex Hot Dog band) started experimenting in the field of the heavy industrial/ambient music.
They succeeded to mix “dark and heavy” trip hop, reggae rhythms and gentle female vocals and thus to make something that hasn’t existed before. The band says that “we want to make art, that is different to the official standards and the popular culture, so be prepared for something unique!”To make it even more extraordinary, they used samples by artists like Leftfield, Front 242, Cypress Hill, Method Man, Dead Can Dance, Residents, Jesus Jones, Tuxedomoon.
The first album “Two Of Us” came out in October, 1999 and that brought their first ever concert appearance at the “Computer Space” Electronic Music Festival.The album sold well, being released by o4z, one of the biggest BG underground labels.
Their next album was released for Counter Attack, “Trip” 2001. It featured a new vocalist -Nikol.
It again spread well, but mostly inside Bulgaria, where they gained a cult following with “Kozat e rol” , a song that made them pretty famous with its video clip.
Then, this cd was born. “Wishjar” came as a logical continuation, as an attempt to do something different and enter a new phase. It consists of old songs, previously released in the two albums, yet there is much more to be heard there…remakes/ new versions and some completely new/unreleased songs and even a mysterious hidden track.The first reactions to the new production are highly positive and we hope that you will help us spread the word about it worldwide.




The CD is out, and we would be happy to offer you this cd for distribution. We prefer to sell it, as we suggest the following rates:
5 CDs=40 Euro /45 $
10 CDs= 65 Euro/ 75$
20 CDs=115 Euro/ 135 $
(prices include air mail, registered with the plastic cases!)
Contact us to discuss the methods of payment.
If you can trade, well, we can consider that too…send trade lists.

Novi Cvetya /New Flowers/


 New Flowers cd represents 29 tracks, recorded from 1979 up to 1995. This album is a sort of collection of tracks that never made it on vinyl or cd, until now. The band was made of a bunch of kids, that heard some punk stuff on the Yugoslavian radio and decided to become “punks”…back in 1979.They made their own instruments, recorded demos in their summer kitchen, using a simple reel to reel recorder.
With the “perestroika” they became more famous, did their first official gigs and even got an alarm clock as a prize! It was 1987…
The early 90s brought more fans, more concerts and then one day it all faded away, as after all they had to take care of their families, to work and….you know…
I recently heard that they have made 4 new songs, so watch out for new material of this legendary band.

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01.Tiha Lyatna Vecher

02.Pisma Goreshti

03.Rok Maniak 2


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